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October Artist of the Month: Samantha Scott!

We are so excited to announce October's Artist of the Month! Samantha Scott is a talented artist and someone we really love to work with. She has been one of the few artists to be at the store since it first opened and we love to have her here! Inside and outside the store, she has been our friend and we are so happy to be able to introduce her to you!


A Little About Sam

Samantha is a potter and a painter. Mostly working in clay and acrylic painting with some watercolor to spice things up!

Outside of her artwork, she loves to go to her husband's shows for his band, hanging out with her three sons, and spending time with her best friend, her mom!

Sam teaches our pottery and drawing classes here at the shop and loves to share all the artistic knowledge that she's been about to gain to her students. You may even see her working behind the counter every now and then!


Our Interview with Sam

H: What was the "key moment" for you that lead to you getting started in your medium?

S; Since I was six years old, every time I’d tell my Mom that I was bored she would just hand me art supplies. 

H: If you could work in any other area of art (besides your own), what would it be and why?

S: If I could work in a different area it would be welding metals. Except I’m a wuss and I know I’d hurt myself.

H: You're a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

S: I would be a marbled black and green crayon. I’d probably call it blackish green because I’m horrible at naming things. I just like it because it would probably look cool.

H: What is your go-to strategy for overcoming the thoughts of "your work isn't good enough" or "I am not good enough to sell my work"?

S: I don’t really have thoughts like that. I figure if no one likes it, that I do and I’ll just stick it in my house lol.

H: If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

S: I’d be a White Barn Owl. They are beautiful and majestic. And who doesn’t want to be majestic?


What You Can Look Forward To

Some of Sam's original paintings are discounted just for you! Sam does not offer any prints of her work at the shop, so once these amazing pieces are gone, they really are gone. That makes her work even more special. Her pieces have a beautiful amount of detail and really showcases the talent behind them. Come by the shop to see which ones are being offered at a discounted rate.


Let's Get Social!

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Make sure to stop by the store to see all of Sam's work! Her work is all original and unique! Get your favorite pieces by her before they're gone. She is also willing to do custom pieces if you are looking for something specific and really love her style!

XOXO - Impulsive

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