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As Told By Kathryn

The beginning was simple; I just wanted beautiful jewelry without paying a ridiculous amount. Being in college has a way of showing you just how broke you really are. 

From there I taught myself how to work chainmaille.


Chainmaille quickly became something I looked forward to every day. Crafting in this medium was (and still is) my stress relief from my crazy life. The more I did, the more passionate I became. Soon, I was making all my friends and family member's something for holidays or special occasions. Then I was either making or fixing for people I did not know directly. Which lead to being a part of festivals and other art shows. My side hustle was rapidly turning into something that looked more like a full-time job.

I've always loved supporting other artists and directing my buying habits to support my community. When a space opened up in Downtown Mebane, it just made sense to join my passion with other artists.

At Impulsive Creativity, we are here to not only display beautiful artwork of all mediums for the public to enjoy, but to also support up and coming artists that might be hesitant to begin their journey in the art world. We offer many different art classes to expand the art community in our area and to pass on our varied passions to others. We are very active in the community by participating in festivals and events that happen near us. We also support many local charities. To sum up, we love doing as much as possible to make our little corner of the world the best it can be!

We specialize in being your local art connection and are so excited that you've stopped by! Want to be more involved? Make sure to connect with us! There are several different ways to do it! If you have a question or suggestion, send us a quick email! We're always looking to improve and grow!

See you soon!

Kathryn Mathias


Meet Toby, our shop kitty and head of PR. 

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