Impulsive Adventure to Emerald Hallow Mine (Hiddenite)

"Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that,the quicker we will be able to treat life as art." - Maya Angelou

Picture taken by Heather
Close to where we were digging. So pretty!

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I'm actually kicking myself, as I'm writing this out, for not taking more pictures from this excursion! Seriously, it was absolutely stunning place to be and we were having the time of our lives! Let's just chalk it up to being so excited and absorbed in what we were doing that I forgot. I promise that I will take more pictures for the next post. Anyway, onto the post for today!

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Picture taken by Heather
On the way to our first (official) Impulsive Creativity Adventure!

Hello everyone! Welcome to our first, official, Impulsive Adventure! We were able to squeak out for Memorial Day 2019 to have a day full of friendship and inspiration; to recharge our creative process, so to speak. What a wonderful place to have kick off our very first Impulsive Adventure.

Digging and Sifting

Photo taken by Heather
In the process of finding a vein at Emerald Hollow Mine

I'm fully convinced that part of the creative process is to get out into nature and really dig in deep (literally). There's something about connecting with a beautiful scenery or just playing in the dirt that is relaxing and helps to reset the mind for a more creative outlook. Personally, I've always found it easier to paint when outside or after a trip of being in nature.

This trip was no exception. While the red clay was flying, so were our spirits. We thoroughly enjoyed excavating, searching for our very own buried treasure, and learning what to look for and the best way to find the precious stones. David M. was able to find a fairly big crystal formation and Kathryn was able to find several smaller gems that looked to either be Garnet or maybe even Ruby! David L. and I found a whole lot of Quarts crystals.

We dug to our hearts content and then took our buckets full of dirt and findings to the sluice to sift through everything (the guys were nice enough to tote the super heavy buckets back for us!) Sifting quickly became one of our favorite things to do, so we decided to try our luck with some of the pre-seeded buckets.

Kathryn and David M. found so many amazing specimens that way! I even found an actual Ruby in the bucket I was sharing with David L. You'll even be seeing some of what we found in the store soon! That's really the reason that we went to Hiddenite; it was something really fun