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Miss Fiona Fig Notecards

Miss Fiona Fig Notecards


The Miss Fiona Fig: A Tea Cup Great Dane Notecard set includes eight 4” x 6” blank cards with reproductions of an original pen, ink, and water-soluble graphite drawing I did of my dog, Fiona Fig.

The cards are printed on white cardstock with a variety of colored borders.

See the image of the pack insert to view all 8 cards included in the set.

If you prefer to buy an individual card, these cards are also sold as singles on my Etsy shop.

Fiona Fig was a tall, lanky 130 pound beauty. I didn’t have to lean over to pet her. Like Great Danes do, she would just sidle up and lean against me so I could pet her black shiny coat and stroke her velvet ears. Even though she was twice as tall as her older brother, Marmalade Moon, a boxer/Pitt, she was his ‘little sister.’ She was a sprite, a dreamer, living only partly in this world. I imagined her chasing dust motes as her mind traveled to places beyond this one. Despite her size, she always wanted to sit on my lap. She was sweet, gentle, funny, and brought me great joy. There is a dog breed called a ‘Teacup Chihuahua’ for its minuscule stature. That is the origin and humor behind this drawing: Fiona Fig trying to fit herself into a teacup. She was my Fiona Fig and I will love her always.

These blank cards are great for any occasion including:

- congratulations on getting a dog

- birthdays (don't forget your pet's birthday too!)

- Valentine's Day

- anniversary

- holiday

- sympathy

- thank you

- thinking of you

- just because

This set of cards also makes a wonderful gift.


    No refunds. Purchase as is. Can exchange for store credit as long as the items are in good condition and can be returned to the store location. No shipping items back to us.


    Allow 5-7 business days for shipping. Free in store pickup. Local delivery available.

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