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Sunflower Cards Pack

Sunflower Cards Pack


Contains 8 different sunflower cards featuring reproductions of original pen, ink and colored pencil drawings from teh Sunflower Series by Sudie Rakusin as well as 8 envelopes.

From the artist... “Sunflowers turn their faces to the sun symbolizing truth, honesty, admiration and faithfulness, as well as the search for deeper spiritual understanding. When I see sunflowers, it is a sign that my father, one of my guides, is offering me love and support. Recently I went through some difficult life changes. I turned to my art to ground me. I bought sunflowers, all different shapes, and sizes. I arranged them in various vases, and tasked myself with doing one drawing each day. I became well acquainted with sunflowers; from their variegated, multiple petals and intricate centers to the arching and leaning of their stalks. Drawing became a comfort and got me back into the studio. I hope these drawings bring you the same."


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