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March Artist of the Month: Anna Peterson

We're getting better at announcing the Artist of the Month! This one is actually being announced in the first week! Yay!

Thank you all for your patience as we get everything together from the renovation and for cheering us on as we pick up everything that got dropped! Y'all are awesome!

We cannot wait to introduce you to this artist! So let's get to it, shall we?


A Little More About Anna

We have gotten to know Anna over the last few months and we just love her spirit! She has work so hard to make sure that we are constantly stocked with seasonal prints, while keeping up with how much of the favorites that we have so that we never run out. While seemingly quiet and shy at first, once you get her talking you can really see just how passionate she is for her craft, her family, and the other people she cares about. I don't think I've ever seen her not come in with a smile on her face and a new story to share (most of which she's captured with her wonderful photography skills!) To top it all off, she is also going back to school to get her Masters! She is one hardworking lady and we are so happy to have her in our store so that we can share her with you!


Our Interview with Anna

H: What was the "key moment" for you that lead to you getting started in your medium?

A: It would have to be when I opened a shinny wrapped box that laid under the colorful bright tree on Christmas morning when I was 10 years old. In the box was a 1010 camera that was begging me to use it. From that moment on I was hooked into the photography world. I love capturing that perfect moment. That moment can be a child sinking their teeth into a juicy red strawberry or the sun peeking over the greenery of a lake as fog travels across it.

H: If you could work in any other area of art (besides your own), what would it be and why?

A: I love capturing people's expressions. It would be nice to do that with paint.

H: You're a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

A: Blue, because its my signature color. I like how the intensity of blue can change but stays calm at the same time.

H: What is your go-to strategy for overcoming the thoughts of "your work isn't good enough" or "I am not good enough to sell my work"?

A: I don't think I have a strategy. I've never thought I was great photographer, but knew I was average to above average. I'll see other people's work and say, "Wow" they are good and feel like an underdog. But then I will see others that are similar to my style and say, "If they can do well why can't I." What motivates me to pick up a camera is capturing a moment for people to remember.

H: If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

A: I would be a cat. I love how they are sassy and their own animal. They know what they want and go for it.


What You Can Look Forward To

Anna will be offering all of her cards for purchase at 5 for $20. Which is an absolute steal! Her work is really high quality and shows off her attention to detail. Her cards are blank inside so you can personalize them however you need to!

For any purchase of her artwork, you will also receive an extra stamp on your rewards card that will get you one step closer to a percentage off your purchase for us.

The very special thing is is offering for you guys this month is that if you buy $40 or more of her items, she will do a portrait for you for free! This can be done with your or your pet! She will send you the finished product through your email. To qualify for this deal, you will have to purchase the $40 worth and sign up for a time slot in May or a little later. (Anna is currently taking classes towards her Masters, so that is her first availability.)


Let's Get Social

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Let us know if we're doing a good job, ideas that you have for classes, or just to say hi!


Be sure to come by the store to see all of her lovely photography! She makes sure to put the places where she has taken the photo on the back of each work. Maybe you can use that to plan an adventure! Or choose one that is close to where you live to share your own story to anyone who sees one of her photos! It's all up to you.

XOXO - Impulsive

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