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This Week's Need to Know at Impulsive

Good morning and happy Monday everyone!

Were you able to go to the River Park Concert in Hillsborough on Saturday? If so, we were so happy to see you there! We love saying hi to everyone and being able to go to events that support the local artists!

Speaking of, we will be at another event this weekend that's all about supporting the art community in Alamance County!

Read more about it below!


Classes and Events:

Friday we will be hosting our Craft After Work event! (Click the class name for more information!) This is one of our favorite events that we have. The goal of this event is for artists and art lovers to come together to learn together! Maybe even make a new friend along the way! Come hang out with us and get a little more connected with your community.

Saturday and Sunday we will be at the Alamance Artisans Extravaganza! (Click the class name for more information!) This two day event is all about celebrating artists that are in our area! We are so excited to be a part of this event! Come say hi to us and check out the other artisans in the Alamance area!


Artist of the Month

You know that we have some amazing artists here. We wanted to introduce them to you! This is where the Artist of the Month came in. This month's artist post has already been released!

Samantha Scott is a multi-talented artist that works in a wide range of mediums; focusing mostly on clay sculpting and paintings. With all that knowledge she teaches some of the courses we offer at the store. Be on the lookout for some of her classes to learn some of her expertise.

Check out this month's post to find out more about her and her work! Make sure to click the link above to be taken to the post we made for this Artist of the Month.


Let's Get Social!

Do you have a question or an idea? Let us know! Leave a commit below, sign up for our email list, or follow us on Social Media!

Here's a link to our Facebook page!

And then one for our Instagram page!

We seriously love to hear from you guys! What project are you working on right now? Let us know! Add pictures! We are here to support artist, especially new artists, and creativity.


We hope that all of you have a lovely week! Come out to see us or make sure to get connected with us this week!

XOXO - Impuslive

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