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This Week's Need to Know at Impulsive

Happy Monday Creatives!

It's been a little bit. How are you doing? We've missed sending out weekly updates! Let us know in the comments below if you've missed hearing from us too!

We are sorry for not sending out more posts over the past few months. We just didn't really have a lot going know, because COVID is still a thing. 😒

The good new is that art events and shows are starting to open up again!


Participating in shows and other art events is one of our favorite things to do! We've started the application process for a lot of these show and will be updating our Classes and Events page as we get accepted! Be sure to check out that page often in the next few weeks or so.

Read on to find out what all this means for the upcoming future and see what events we will be at this week!


Classes and Events:

As we are accepted and add these events to the website, we will also be sending out these blog posts to you. Just in case you want to come experience these art shows and come say hi to us!


This Saturday you will be able to find Kat at our booth for the 1st Annual Lowe's Egg Hop (click the name of the event to learn more about it!) There will be a kids and adults egg hunt along with other local artisans. If you have some extra time, come on out and say hi! We would love to see you there!


The other side of this excitement is that we will be opening up our classes again soon!

We are currently working on a schedule with some of our inhouse artists to see who is comfortable in teaching courses and when they will be able to do that. Keep in mind that as we open up our classroom again, the class sizes will still be smaller (because our classroom space is one the smaller size) we will still be requiring that all class participants wear masks and stay as social distanced as they can, and we will be offering a hand sanitizing station.

As we finalize the schedule, we will be adding the information on our Classes and Events page for you to be able to read more about the classes and purchase your tickets from there. We will be listing which classes we are hosting during the week in these updates! All the safety requirements will be listed in that information for the classes. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to Get Social with Us! Learn how further down in this post!


Shopping with Us

There are so many options to shop with us now! We have been dedicated during the virus to make multiple options for you to still connect and shop with us. There is even a page where you can get to know the artists that your favorite items come from!

Let us know how we're doing on this front in the comments! Is there a shopping page that you would like to see? Is there one that has made your life super easy? We would really appreciate your feedback!


Shopping On or Off Line

In person or online, you will still find handmade artwork made by local artists. We just made it a little easier to find all that wonderful artwork! See all the options by hovering your mouse over the Shop option at the top of our normal website scree. It'll give you a drop-down menu of all our shopping options! Or you can check out this blog post to read about them!


Let's Get Social

Do you have a question or an idea? Let us know! Leave a commit below, sign up for our email list, or follow us on Social Media!

Here's a link to our Facebook page!

One for our Instagram page!

And one for our YouTube channel!

Practicing social distancing is great for not spreading the virus, but we miss being able to see you in the store! Reach out to us on your favorite social media platform, or send us an email, so that we can still talk to you!


We hope that you have a wonderful week! Hopefully we'll see you at the first event we've had in awhile. Otherwise, keep your eyes out for the first couple classes to hit our website!

XOXO - Impulsive

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