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This Week's Need to Know at Impulsive

Happy Monday everyone!

Yesterday was Daylight Savings time. Time really is Marching on! (Lol, bad joke is bad 🤣) Were you able to switch your clock in time? Or do rely on your smartphone to do that now? With a little more time on our hands, we are expecting to become really productive really soon! That means more classes and events for you to come see us at!

Just a friendly reminder that some of our artists are offering their winter items 10% off through this month only! Let's make more space for spring to hop in this year! We have several items that still need to find a loving home. If you have any questions about this, or anything else, make sure to get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer any questions you have!

We are so ready to this week started! Check out what's going on this week!


Classes and Events:

Thursday evening will be the beginning of our 2 Night Acrylic Painting class. In this class you will learn the basics in a more in depth approach from one of our local artists! Learn everything from shapes and shading to color blending and texture techniques. This class is perfect for those just starting out, or those of you that just want to brush up your skills!

Saturday afternoon we will be hosting a Clay Sculpture class all about crafting Fairy Houses! Using Sculpy oven bake clay, you will be able to craft a fairy house of your very own. Once you're done with the class, send us pictures of where your fairy house now lives!


Artist of the Month

We have announced March's Artist of the Month!

Welcome Anna Peterson this month!

She creates wonderful scenes using the lens of her camera. Come by the shop to see all of her cards and prints! Until then, make sure to read more about her here and check out what she's offering this month if you purchase her items!


Question for Our Creatives

Daylight Savings was yesterday! Sometimes you look forward to it, sometimes you don't. This week we wanted to know:

What does your morning routine look like and how is the time change going to affect it?

We're constantly striving to get better, so if you have an awesome morning routine, let us know what you do in the comments below! Do you not have a morning routine? Let us know if you want to hear about ours!


Let's Get Social

Do you have a question or an idea? Let us know! Leave a commit below, sign up for our email list, or follow us on Social Media!

Here's a link to our Facebook page!

And then one for our Instagram page!

Let us know if we're doing a good job, ideas that you have for classes, or just to say hi!


We hope that you have an amazing week and get plenty of sleep! That time change is no joke!

XOXO - Impulsive

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