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Valentine's Day Guide to Presents Your S.O. Will Really Love💕

Chocolate + flowers + fancy dinner + a movie = Valentine's Day.

That's typically the Valentine's Day equation, am I right? We seem to be in a Valentine's Day rut. Not to mention...what do we get for the guys?! (Right ladies?!)

A lot of us are lost on what to do for our significant other on the one day of the year that we could really spoil them and show them just how much they mean to us.

Why does gift giving have to be so hard in the first place???

The beauty of this is, gift giving is actually really simple. We're just overthinking all of this! Then it comes down to the day, and we're left empty handed for all the thought we put into it.

But you don't want to leave your significant other with a gift they won't use, or worse, tries to return for something else that they actually like! Yikes!

It all starts with thoughtful and intentional gift giving. Here are a few things to consider that will help you to pick out the perfect gift that they will love!


1. What are their hobbies?

Fishing, golfing, shopping, video games, hiking, woodworking, painting, cooking, etc. They've talked about their favorite things enough by now (or shown how they spend their time) for you to know some of the things they really love to do. This is a great time to get involved a little!

Having some shared interests is nice. At the very least, you'll finally understand some of what they're talking about. Have them teach you a new skill, spend some time together, and then switch! Now it's your turn to teach them some of your favorite things!

You know what they love! Pick something they love and marry it with something you love! Which leads us to number 2.

2. Can you give them a memory?

Below are a few ideas that you can try or to get your mind working for something that the two of you can do together!

Video game and spa night -- Actually, this is a favorite date night for my husband and me. Like I was saying before, sometimes you just marry the two things you love together. He loves video games and I love a good spa night. It was an awesome idea! We try to play a two-person game and work together to get through a couple of bosses. Then I take over with soaking our feet, general nail treatments, and teaching him how to paint my nails. Surprisingly enough he loves the spa time too! We both feel loved, pampered, and connected while learning a new skill! (For the nail painting he said, "Just in case we have a little girl and she asks me to paint her nails for her" 😍)

P.S. If you're a guy reading this, and this makes you feel a little uncomfortable, I promise you that your gal will be so happy to teach you how to take better care of yourself. We love to do that anyway! It doesn't make you any less manly. We know you can beat up anybody. Now you can do it with healthy nails!

Creative night. Make something together! It builds teamwork and you come out with something wonderful at the end! You can look up DIY videos of YouTube or even whole classes to watch! Bob Ross painting can be really fun together! Hang it up or take pictures to remember this fun night!

Speaking of!

Take a class together. It helps if you're both new at whatever you're trying. There will probably be one that is a little more gifted than the other. Just remember it's not a competition to see who's best at something, it's about spending time with the other person. Cheer each other on!

Try food that neither of you have had before --if you like to cook, make it a thing! If not, search for new food near where you live! The selection may surprise you!

Breakfast in Bed (for both of you!) -- Make a lovely breakfast together, grab a tray, and then go back to bed to enjoy it together! Play with the times of day, dates don't have to be at night only!

Actually do the things in the movies (instead of watching them!) -- being cliche isn't always a bad thing! Do all those really cute, couple things in the movies that you would have gone to see instead of going to see yet another chick-flick!

Weekend getaway (or stay-cation!) -- Valentine's day is on a Friday this year! That means that you can plan something beyond the Valentine's Date Night and go on a Trip. Get that AirBnB and go! Or stay home for a whole weekend! Having a weekend dedicated to you and your S.O. is so nice and getting away from "normal" life for a bit is really good for your mental health!

3. Can you make something?

Are you crafty? Or can you follow simple directions that you found online for something?


Make your own, unique present! Look up a video to follow. Make that card! Whatever project you have in mind, they will absolutely love that you took the time and effort to make them something. The best part? It doesn't have to be perfect! Don't explain away the imperfects of the finished product. Love is just two imperfect people coming together to celebrate life together!

This one kind of plays off #2. The great thing about this list is that you can mix and match to make your own special night!