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August Artist of the Month: Cullen Cornett!

Something Else That's New for Impulsive!

We have been wanting to do something special for our artists since we first opened the shop in October of 2018. Thank you for being patient as we've been acclimating ourselves to this new adventure with all of you! Finally, we are finally ready to kick off our "Artist of the Month" program!

Every month we will be featuring a new artist from all of the amazingly talented people that have trusted us with their wonderful works of art. In the posts, we will be telling you a little more about them, we will have an interview section, and then what you can expect from this month regarding their artwork. Be on the look out for special deals and other awesome things for you!

The reason why we wanted to get this going is to connect our artist to our community. If you come into the shop, you're not going to get many chances to meet some of the amazing people behind your favorite items. So this is our way of making that happen!

We hope you like this new addition to our blog story! Now, onto our artist for this month!


A Little Bit About Cullen

Cullen is a native of Chapel Hill, NC. She studies art from a very young age through college. Cullen has an English degree and works as an office administrator at University Baptist Church, Chapel Hill. She is extremely passionate about all things creative! Besides watercolor, she draws, sews, crafts, and does home decor projects. Cullen lives in Chapel Hill with her husband, Steven, and their four "children" - 3 cats and a pit mix.

Be sure to check out her items in the store and here on the website!


Our Interview with Cullen!

H:What was the "key moment" for you that lead to you getting started in your medium?

C:I studied art all through my school and college years, and have always been a creative person, but I think I became an "artist" when I started selling my work at New Hope Market in Chapel Hill. That was the start of my business, and it has flourished, with it's bumps in the road, ever since!

H:If you could work in any other area of art (besides your own), what would it be and why?

C:I have a huge passion for interior and graphic design- I love the idea of being an interior decorator! I'm always doing DIY and decorating projects in my house, much to the chagrin of my husband, who says,"I can never find anything after you organize!"

H:You're a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? C:As a new crayon, I would be "Robin's Egg Blue." I absolutely love the shade of blue on baby robin eggs- my colleague has a nest in his yard and sends me pictures of the eggs. It is such a light, airy, greenish-blue, one that only nature could produce!

H:What is your go-to strategy for overcoming the thoughts of "your work isn't good enough" or "I am not good enough to sell my work"?  C:I definitely deal with the negative voice in my head when I'm painting- not feeling good enough, or that anyone would buy your work is one of the biggest issues most artists face, and it holds us back. I say ignore that voice and go for it! The only way I've battled this issue is to just keep painting, keep making beautiful art, and the more people love it and ask for it, the quieter those voices get. Another trick is to step back for a few days from the piece you're unhappy with, and go back to it with fresh eyes. Sometimes a perspective change is all we need.

H:If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

C:I am a huge cat lover, and have always considered myself a cat at heart- partly because I love to take naps in winter sunlight, and partly because I'm introverted and independent. 


What You Can Look Forward To!

During the month of August, Cullen is giving you an awesome deal! If you buy 2 packs of her cards (there are 4 cards in each pack) you get them for the price of $8. You can use her cards for any occasion because of how beautiful they are and because they are blank inside. Make your special events personal with all the different designs she has painted!

Want one of her prints? She is giving an extra stamp for our rewards card if you get one of her prints! (It does not have to be worth $25 to get the extra stamp; it does have to be an item from the artist that does not already have a deal on it). That means you'll be able to fill your rewards card faster to get that amazing discount at the end! Just make sure to present your card to one of us at the counter!

Don't have a card yet? Come by the store to pick up yours today!


Have a question or comment? Let's get social! We have a Facebook page, Instagram account, the website, and an email address. Let us know your thoughts! You are important to us (we wouldn't be here without you!) and so is your feedback! Try to get in contact with us today.

XOXO - Impulsive Creativity

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