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This Week's Need to Know at Impulsive

Happy Monday Everyone!

We hope that you had a wonderful weekend!

This week, we will be putting up more products on our website for you to be able to shop in the comfort of your own home! We already have a bunch of products up on the website, so we will be focusing on new items that have come in and Christmas/Winter items! Make sure to check out our shop drop down menu to see all the wonderful categories we made just for you!

We're making this a priority so that no matter what happens in our little piece of the world, we will be able to still bring you our amazing artist's work!

Is there anything you would like to see that we haven't done yet? Scroll down to the "Let's Get Social" section of this blog to let us know your thoughts! We would love to hear from you!

Well, enough rambling, onto what's going on this week!


Classes and Events


Come by the store this Sunday! We are open for our Holiday Hours every Sunday from 1-5p.m. Until Christmas! Wander around our Winter Wonderland and find some handmade artwork to check off your Christmas shopping with. And maybe some things that are not on the list 😏


For those that are wondering about having classes with us, we are taking it as a case-by-case basis right now. We want to make sure that everyone who comes in the store, students and instructors alike, feel comfortable and safe while taking classes with us.

As we go into fourth quarter, we are mindful about the developments of the virus, mindful about the health and safety of those physically being in the store, and for the time commitment involved in teaching/taking one of our classes. This is a very busy time of year for the store and something we will have to keep in mind as we move forward into the holiday season.

Thank you for being patient as we continue to work to bring you the best products and courses for the time that we are in.

If you have any questions that were not answered here, please contact us however you are comfortable and we will be happy to answer them!


Shopping with Us!

There are so many options to shop with us now! We have been dedicated during the virus to make multiple options for you to still connect and shop with us. There is even a page where you can get to know the artists that your favorite items come from!

Let us know how we're doing on this front in the comments! Is there a shopping page that you would like to see? Is there one that has made your life super easy? We would really appreciate your feedback!

Shopping On or Off Line

In person or online, you will still find handmade artwork made by local artists. We just made it a little easier to find all that wonderful artwork! See all the options by hovering your mouse over the Shop option at the top of our normal website scree. It'll give you a drop-down menu of all our shopping options! Or you can check out this blog post to read about them!


Artist of the Month

We released November's Artist of the Month last week!

We welcome Ginger Stuart to this month's Artist of the Month! She is an artist of many talents, including: stained glass, fiber arts, and other 3D works. This special lady is going through a hard time right now. She gave us permission to share with all of you what is going on right now.

Make sure to click here to read more about her and her story.

You'll also be able to read about what Impulsive Creativity is doing to help her and her family out during this month, how you can help, and how to get updates on her condition.


Question for Our Creatives

This question is open for anyone to answer! If you are reading this blog and/or signed up to get our emails, you are one of Our Creatives! Get Social with Us or leave your answer in the comments 😊

What are some of your favorite charities to give to?

We're starting to get into the season of thankfulness. Because of this, we wanted to see what charities you like to give to.

At Impulsive Creativity, we are conscious about making the world a better place. We try to find any way to give back; especially to groups that are local minded like we are!

Some of our favorite charities to give to have been to local food groups that fight hunger and those who are food insecure in the area, Sparkle Cat Rescue (because how can you not love those cute faces over there?!), and the efforts to help Ginger Stuart become healthy again. We try to take care of our own.

List your favorites in the comments below!


Let's Get Social

Do you have a question or an idea? Let us know! Leave a commit below, sign up for our email list, or follow us on Social Media!

Here's a link to our Facebook page!

One for our Instagram page!

And one for our YouTube channel!

Practicing social distancing is great for not spreading the virus, but we miss being able to see you in the store! Reach out to us on your favorite social media platform, or send us an email, so that we can still talk to you!


Every life matters and makes a difference. This week, let's focus on giving back and making the world a little better. Even if it's just those around us.

We hope that you have a wonderful week!

XOXO - Impulsive

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